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RIB provides different services in two major areas which includes editing service and creative design service. Photo editing services are also categorized into different categories like clipping path, image masking service, drop shadow, photo retouching etc. Creative design includes logo design, t-shirt design, magazine design, banner design, Photoshop action, Lightroom preset creation, Photoshop and raw camera preset creation etc.

Popular Image Editing Services


Background Removal Service


Clipping Path is undoubtedly an effective method to remove image background. It works effectively with transparent and white backgrounds. Clipping Path is also called as Deep Etching. Anything that is outside the path gets omitted form the output.

Image Masking Service


Image masking is also a background removal technique. It is a safe approach towards image with subtle edge like hair and fur. Image masking ensures proper extraction of such image which can not be extracted properly with only clipping path.

Drop Shadow Service


There are times when you simply feel the need to enhance the quality of a picture. Well, our Photoshop drop shadow service will live up to your expectations. What you must remember is that a picture becomes a lot more attractive when a shadow gets added to it.

Photo Retouching Service


Sometimes a clicked photo lacks the needed perfection. Well, this is where our role comes in, and we retouch the image to remove the flaws for professional application. The most common types of photo retouching are dust and scratch retouch, jewelry retouch, glamour retouch etc.

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Photoshop Reflection Service


Do you know that we can create a reflection for you in Photoshop? The technique is popular when it comes to modern design and logos. The reflection adds up to the aesthetic appeal of the image to catch the attention of the viewers. It is also known as Photoshop mirror effect.

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Raster to Vector Conversion


We convert a raster image into a vector image for resolving the resolution issue. When you create a file for printing purpose it is better to go for a vector file rather than a Photoshop file for ensuring the best output. Most of the design work like logo, t-shirt, graphics etc are created in vector format.

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Complete eCommerce Product Photo Solution

If you are running a eCommerce website to sell your products over internet, we can be your best photo editing partner. We believe perfect product photo is prerequisite to sale a product over internet.

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In this step our support team will provide you a quotation after checking the files and requirements. Once you approve the price we will send you free trial for quality approval.


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Answering Common Question Regarding Background Removal Service

  • What is background removal service?

    Simply, background removal service is photo cut out service. We delete the messy background and apply professional background like plain white or gray background.

  • How do you remove image background?

    We make use of different techniques and tools to remove the background of an image. We acquire the requirements from the client so that we can meet the expectation level of the client without a problem. We use the following techniques frequently:

    • Clipping Path
    • Photoshop Masking

    The most popular technique we use is called clipping path. It is a kind of vector line. Sometimes we call it deep etching as well. The other method used for removing the background of a picture is image masking. It is a complicated method and requires multiple techniques to get the job done.

  • Why to remove background from image?

    You need to acquire our image background removal services when you want to give a unique touch to the pictures. There are times when a professional photographer clicks the picture, but it still lacks perfection. Below are the main reasons of removing the background:

    • to make professional photograph
    • to apply seamless background
    • to apply any background as you want
    • to increase the sale of your product on eCommerce
    • to fit the product photo on giant eCommerce sites like Amazon, Alibaba etc.

    What you must remember is that, if the background of an image is not perfect, the image may lose the focal point. Our image background removal service can enhance the visual effects of the image, so that it gains the attention of the onlooker without a problem.

  • Why to Choose us for background removal service?

    There are times when a professional photographer clicks the picture, but it still lacks perfection. If an image does not have a good background, it may look dull and blurry. The best part is that we can enhance the image in the shortest possible time.

    • 100% hand drawn clipping path
    • we apply advanced masking technique
    • we have 3 layers or production that ensures quality service
    • we can deep etch around 5000 photos per 24 hours