If you are running a campaign for your business, or promoting your new product, you might come across the image masking service offered by the professionals who want to help you. For those who haven’t known, Image masking is a Photoshop process whose objective is to hide some parts of an image and expose some parts.

The image masking service is used in many ways. The professionals would use this effect for background removal, retrieving various objects, taking over the photos, and so on. The final results of the image masking service is usually prevalent for professional uses such as eCommerce, marketing, ads, promotion, education, health, and many more.

Use of Image Masking Service

The image masking service is usually for product catalog. In many scenarios, photo masking service is usually accompanied by the clipping path service. The image masking service is often more prevalent because it offers the perks which clipping paths can’t provide such as translucent, transparent images, hair, fur, and other details.

Those who need constant workflow of graphic and digital editing can reap the benefits of the image masking service. You can let the professionals work on the hair masking, fur masking, translucent objects, lighting, and others while you and your internal team can conduct your core activities. Let the professionals work on the finest quality of the image.

Photoshop image masking service is a high-end technique to make your product or service photo look more impressive. The point of this activity is to remove some part of the image like unwanted background.

In most cases, the photo masking is applied to hide some unwanted elements from a specific image. However, it won’t tarnish the quality of the original file. Image masking is a must service for online retailers or businesses which rely on the product or service visual presentations. This service will definitely boost your business visibility in more prevalent ways.

Types of image masking service

Here are the types of Photoshop masking services that the professionals would offer to you.

Hair masking service

The hair masking service  is a term to define the image masking service which focuses on the works of curves, soft edges, hairs, furs, thinner lines, as well as other soft objects. Hair masking is undeniable time-consuming. Examples of the objects that are candidates for hair masking are models, hairy dolls, flesh, clothes, furry stuff, animals, etc. That’s why it is much more sensible to let the professionals handle the model image masking service while you can conduct your core activities.

It is undeniable that hair and fur masking are the most challenging aspect in image editing. The professionals will extract the hair and fur from the background. Clipping paths won’t be sufficient to mask the hair or fur to produce such quality images.

The thing is that hair and fur are translucent and/or semi-transparent. Therefore, to make such smoother isolation, detailed paths must be taken. It requires advanced or complex layer masking skills. But this process is also time-consuming. That’s why it is much better to let the expert handle this task.

Transparency Masking

In this type of Photoshop masking service, the professionals will mask non-selected areas. It is basically isolating a specific area from the image. Here is where the fixation like color correction, filters, and other tweaks are done to enhance the photo quality. It is an important post-production photo editing service.

Layer masking service

Layer masking service is conducted when one needs to hide or reveal a specific part of an image. The image editor will also set the opacity of each object in the image so that the objective will be reached. The professionals will edit the visibility level of each layer of the image so that some objects will emerge, and some objects will be hidden or removed.

Clipping Mask Photoshop:

This image masking service focuses on the procedure which takes the clip or picture out from the background. This service guarantees that the state of the object or picture cut from the background will not be affected badly.

Clipping mask technique is conducted by making the layer controllable in terms of its transparency and visibility. The base layer is placed at the bottom. Meanwhile, the other layer will be set in its visibility or transparency.

Alpha Channel Masking

Alpha channel masking is basically the combination of clipping path and Photoshop masking. When the images are extracted or background removed, the result is often not final. This requires the professionals to edit and polish the image.

It is an effective method to separate the photos and improve each object’s quality based on the necessity. Here is the good thing. The quality of the image will be awesome.

But it won’t come in large sizes so that it is lighter for downloading and uploading. As a result, it won’t take a long time to load your website page with these images.

Alpha channel is relatable to the other services including clipping path or image masking. The professionals will extract the photo from the background by clipping path or image masking technique. Then the new photo will be saved as an Alpha channel.

Image with alpha channel allows one to edit the image later such as setting the brightness and contrast, exposure, and many more.

Alpha channel masking is a non-destructive approach. So, you will see that your photo remains original.

Translucent image masking

Ones will mask out the undesirable backgrounds. There are many things that can be done by the expert such as making the image transparent without damaging the translucency, editing backgrounds and color, removing the color, and so on. Its focus is to segregate translucent objects from the backdrop. In many cases, this method is also used to remove unnecessary pixels from an image.

Collage masking

It is a method to get rid of the background of an image. Then the final result will showcase the improved image with a more advanced background. It is also possible to change the background to meet the theme requirement. The collage masking is very useful for creating different ads and promotions. In practice, you can combine one object with another or bundle them in one image. Brochures, flyers, posters, promotional images are often relevant to this method.